Kerastem Advanced Hair Therapy uses a small amount of your own body fat and stem cells to naturally restart hair growth.


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In a one-time, 90 minute procedure, your surgeon will harvest a small amount of fat; usually from your abdomen.  He or she will then purify some of this fat whilst the remainder is put into the Kerastem machine which extracts the stem cells that will be used to enrich the purified fat.  This enriched fat is then injected into your scalp to begin the process of reinvigorating your ailing hair follicles and reawakening your dormant follicles.

Kerastem hair therapy is clinically proven to prevent hair loss and to regrow lost hair.

Unlike many other hair loss treatments like hair transplants and drugs such as Finasteride; Kerastem Hair Therapy is a great option for women suffering from early stage hair loss.





Our Technology

Kerastem’s core technology centres on the emerging relationship between adipose tissue(fat) and the hair growth cycle.


Hair Growth

Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is the most common form of hair loss in both men and women. It is estimated that in the United Kingdom alone, approximately 15 million men and women suffer with this condition.


Clinical Data

Kerastem has initiated market development activities in Europe and Japan.  Our US therapeutic pipeline is based upon a foundation of clinical studies and CE marked approved therapy options for patients with Alopecia outside the United States.1

1 Source:  2015 ISHRS: Hair Follicle Stimulation by Stromal Vascular Fraction Enhanced Adipose Transplantation in Baldness, David Perez-Meza, MD, FISHRS

Regenerative Cells

Human adipose tissue (fat) is a unique reservoir of multiple cell types including stem cells and other regenerative cells. A patient’s excess fat is easily collected and provides an abundant source of stem cells and other regenerative cells. The Kerastem technology prepares the patient’s therapy in real time and eliminates the costly process of shipping cells to an off-site facility to grow and expand an adequate dose of cells.

How does Kerastem Hair Therapy work?


What can I expect?


Kerastem Hair Therapy is an excellent treatment for early stage hair loss.  Our clinical data shows that not only does Kerastem Hair Therapy halt hair loss but on average patients can expect an increase of 31 hairs per square cm after 6 months.  This represents an increase of up to 53% in the number of hairs.

Below you can see some representative examples.


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